About Us

The Sussex Arts Collective is a group of artists and makers who live and work in East and West Sussex producing pieces of art, craft and design in a wide and diverse range of techniques and media. 

The Sussex Arts Collective was formed 17 years ago by ceramic artist Phil Duncan. He identified, as a fledgling maker himself whilst he was still teaching, that there was a need for inexpensive venues for emerging artists. Initially he and his wife opened their house for Artwave in Lewes but soon found that their gathering collection of prospective exhibitors required bigger spaces to accommodate them all. One thing led to another and the groups reputation for quality and fairly priced works of art soon spread far and wide. At its peak there are over 80 members of the Collective at one time. GALLERY UNO marks a significant turning point in their illustrious history and a step change in how they exhibit and sell their work to a wider audiences.

Whether it is a gift to mark a special celebration, a token of friendship or an item to adorn the home you will find something to suit all tastes and pockets at Gallery Uno

Our Guiding Principles

At Uno we strongly believe that if you are going to invest in artwork either as a gift or as a focal point for the home you are guaranteed to that you are getting genuine high quality local art. Only exhibiting and selling locally sourced work and sharing the costs of running the gallery can we do this whilst at the same time rightfully reward the endeavours of the exhibitors themselves. 

We hope through your enduring support that we can continue to bring you brilliant pieces of artwork that inspire and delight you.