Current Exhibition

UNO24 SIX: “Strawberry Moon & Midsummer Magic”
Thursday 13 June - Wednesday 10 July  
Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Mondays CLOSED

As the days stretch into golden evenings, Gallery UNO invites art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in not one but two exciting new exhibitions. During a packed month June begins with our first of four one-off UNO SOLO exhibitions, “Perspectives”. This features five outstanding artists; Roland Stevenson (sculpture), Penelope Oakley (painting), Alan Pearce (ceramics), James Weisz (photography) and Joshua Silva (jewellery) you can meet all of them on 1 June during their Grand Opening Day.

If you haven’t been wowed by recent our UNO SOLO exhibition “Perspectives”, June the month of abundance continues with a Gallery UNO group exhibition, “Strawberry Moon and Midsummer Magic”. Expect to be as profoundly enchanted much as the Strawberry Moon does with its spiritual significance, and tapestry of folklore that has fascinated cultures throughout time.

Our exhibitor of the month was amongst the terrific exhibitors presenting work during the “Perspectives” and his work will also be appearing in UNO24 SIX. Roland Stevenson, as a Propmaker, has left an indelible mark on the world of television, advertising, and film making the art his own by weaving together art, sculpture, and craftsmanship.

Roland Stevenson – Ceramics and Propmaker

The son of parents who both serviced in the RAF, Roland was born on a base in Cyprus. On leaving the forces his family settled in Ynysybwl in the picturesque Rhondda valley where his father, an engineer, worked at the mine in the village.  

Largely self-motivated Roland’s passion for art was ignited during his school days. Loving to draw and model with plasticine his artistic journey was deeply influenced by cinema. It was when he saw Ray Harryhausen’s 1969 cult animated stop action film “Valley of Gwangi” that he could see what was possible. Later “Clash of the Titans”, “Aliens”, and the epic “Gladiator” fuelled his imagination further. These cinematic masterpieces inspired him to bridge the fantastical worlds on screen and the tangible objects that bring them to life.

His fascination with visual expression led him to pursue a foundation course in art and design at Cardiff Art College honing his skills further by obtaining a degree in illustration from Brighton Art College. It was during this time that he discovered his affinity for sculpture, blending it seamlessly with his illustrative work. 

Upon completing his degree, Roland embarked on a new adventure at a modelmaking company in London, where he contributed to hundreds of TV commercials during the1980s and 1990s. His ability to transform ideas into physical props caught the attention of industry professionals, and soon he became an integral part of the creative process behind iconic advertisements and television shows.

Despite his commercial success he yearned for personal expression. Fate intervened when he received a pottery course voucher as a birthday gift at Roberto Gagliano’s pottery in Brighton. Instantly smitten by the tactile nature of clay and the ancient Japanese firing technique of Raku, he found solace in ceramics. The unpredictable glazes, the crackling effects, and the transformative process resonated with him deeply.

Roland continues to explore the profuse number of ceramic and Raku techniques. Private commissions allow him to infuse his unique touch into bespoke pieces, while occasional film projects keep his creative fire burning. His voyage has been one of dedication, innovation, and unwavering passion.

Coming Soon


UNO SOLO two: “Paw-Fect Moments”
Liza Morton

Saturday 13 July – Sunday 21 July
OPEN DAILY: 10.00am – 4.00pm 

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, casting its golden glow upon the world, we find ourselves in the heart of summer. The sun-kissed months of July and August beckon us to embrace their virtues. Together, they weave a tapestry of wonder and enchantment, warmth and conviviality. They remind us to savour life’s simple pleasures. 

At Gallery UNO we hope this is amply reflected over the next few weeks as we present another two great exhibitions to tempt and tantalise you. The ceramicist Liza Morton, of Woofing Fabulous, features in our second UNO SOLO exhibition of the year. “Paw-Fect Moments” sets out to capture the sights and sounds of her daily dog walks and our relationship with man’s best friend.

Originally from Essex Liza first came to Sussex to study for a degree in 3-Dimensional Art at Brighton University in the 1990s. On graduating she completed a PGCE and embarked on a fulfilling 20-year career as a teacher, eventually becoming a Head of Art in several schools in Surrey. In 2016 she moved back to Sussex and became a full time artist and ceramicist.
Now living in Saltdean with her musician husband they are lucky enough to enjoy daily walks along the Sussex Coast and South Downs accompanied by their beloved dogs. Her endearing "Woofing Fabulous" ceramic dogs have become a firm favourite at Gallery UNO and are truly delightful.   

The multi-media artwork of sound and vision Liza has produced for "Paw-Fect Moments" sets out to capture the essence, sights and sounds of her daily dog walks on all kinds of terrains and through all kinds of weather. Liza believes that for our furry companions, time passes more swiftly, leading them to
experience life with heightened intensity. She invites you to imagine the dog’s excitement as they climb a hill, the breeze ruffling their fur as you then rest and share an awe-inspiring view with a hot drink and treats. They lean into you as if to say, “I’m here if you need me.” In her art Liza aims to celebrate the love our dogs shower upon us daily. Their eyes speak volumes—the unwavering friendship, endless cuddles, and steadfast support. In their shorter lifetimes, they teach us about joy, loyalty, and living in the present.

Previous Exhibitions

UNO SOLO one: “Perspectives”
Saturday 1 June – Sunday 9 June
OPEN DAILY: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Featuring the work by:
Roland Stevenson - Sculpture
Penelope Oakley - Painting
Alan Pearce - Ceramics
James Weisz - Photograpy
Joshua Silva - Jewellery

UNO24 FIVE: Bird Song & Flower Moon
Saturday 4 May – Wednesday 29 May
OPEN: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm

As April’s showers retreat, May emerges with a flourish—a month of metamorphosis and renewal. The air hums with anticipation, and the world awakens from its winter slumber. In this verdant tapestry, change is woven into every dew-kissed leaf as echoed in our latest exhibition at Galley UNO.
Birdsong becomes the soundtrack of dawn—a jubilant chorus as our feathered friends reclaim their territories. Robins, warblers, and finches compose intricate melodies, celebrating life’s cyclical dance.
The Flower Moon ascends; its silvery glow bathes blossoms in luminescence, coaxing petals to unfurl. Bluebells, tulips, and lilacs bloom, their fragrant secrets whispered to the night.
May—the month of metamorphosis, where nature dons her finest attire and invites us to join the dance. Step outside, breathe in the promise, and let May’s magic unfold.
Polly Mandell – Printmaker
Born in 1974, Polly hails from a small village in Essex. Through her mother, who worked in ceramics and her stepmother who taught classes in patchwork quilting and needle point felting she discovered a passion for creativity early on.
On leaving school she achieved by far her best grades in Art and Design and chose a career path in social care where she used her creative mind to infuse her work. Working with individuals facing learning difficulties and complex medical needs, she provided access to the arts for those she supported.
In her twenties, Polly travelled across South East Asia. Spending time in North Sumatra, she learned to carve wood using traditional techniques which latterly influenced her lino carving. On her return, she settled in Brighton immersing herself in the vibrant rave culture and became actively involved in organisations advocating and protesting for a better, greener future. These transformative times resonate in her artistic expressions today.
A mother in her thirties, Polly traded central Brighton for a cosy cottage in Ringmer. Now working as a specialist teaching assistant at Chailey Heritage School she gained accreditation from the University of Northampton as an Intervener. Polly’s innovative approach involved tactile art and music, using resonance to connect with multi-sensory impaired students. 
The lockdown of 2020 prompted Polly to explore lino printing which became her solace and creative outlet to relieve stress. Armed with a basic kit and a passionate fever, she embraced reduction printing from the outset. Each of her prints is a labour of love, meticulously layered and hand-printed using a burnishing tool called a baren.
Nature, colour, and pattern inspire Polly and she finds beauty in the imperfections of the process contributing to the unique character of her compositions. Original prints are later collaged together, resulting in captivating “out of the border” works like “Return of the Swallows” and “Wild Swimming” which showcases her distinctive style of intricate collages infused with a psychedelic essence. These pieces invite viewers into a whimsical world where imagination knows no bounds.
Her journey continues, fuelled by the love for her craft and the desire to create meaningful connections through art. In the future Polly would love to transfer some of her designs to fabric and use her lino plates with clay. 

UNO24 FOUR: Onwards and Upwards
Thursday 11 April – Thursday 2 May
OPEN DAILY: Mon – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, 
NOW OPEN Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm

April, the month that dances on the cusp of seasons, it beckons us with its kaleidoscope of variety. Not unlike Gallery UNO latest exhibition UNO24 FOUR

As winter’s chill retreats, April unfurls its vibrant tapestry, weaving together spring’s tender blossoms, summer’s sun-kissed days, and autumn’s golden hues. It is a month of metamorphosis, where buds burst forth, birds serenade, and nature whispers secrets. Onwards and upwards we indeed go, and embrace this month of change. In this fleeting moment, UNO, as with the month of April, invites you to savour every season as one, reminding us that change is not a destination but a journey. 

Our featured exhibitor is a recent recruit to our ranks who has quickly contributed to the changes that has shaped the gallery on our continuing journey to bring fantastic local talent to the attention of the public.

Clare Filskow – Printmaker
Born in London and raised in Essex and Somerset, Clare’s artistic roots run deep. Both her parents trained as graphic designers at the prestigious Royal Academy of Art. Her brother, an architect, further fuelled her passion for design. At school Clare loved art, but due to limited examination options, she was unable to study it academically. Instead she followed a career as a social worker. On gaining a degree at the University of Plymouth she moved to London where she took up a post with the Westminster local authority working with a team specialising in the elderly. 

It was when the second of three children was born in 2000 that her and her husband moved to a more enriching life in the countryside settling in the idyllic Ashdown Forest. There she initially worked as a Teaching Assistant at her children’s primary school and latterly, as a researcher for an architect practice where she began to understand how design could impact on peoples lives.

Whilst still in London, Clare explored working in stained glass and photography valuing them for their strong compositional qualities but it was the move to Sussex that her future artistic endeavours truly took shape. With her circle of artist friends and her architect-artist husband, she found camaraderie, motivating her to start creating her own artwork and greetings cards.

Discovering lino relief printing Clare found a process which allowed her to express herself organically; that resonated with her design sensibilities; made use of her photography and achieve stunning results without the use of costly equipment. To develop her skills set further Clare attended evening classes at Lewes College, workshops with reputable printmaker Catherine Greenwood and veraciously read around the subject. Now as a full time printmaker her challenge is to print on an ever larger scale and still maintain the consistent quality. Her dedication to learning and evolving as an artist remains unwavering.

In the Ashdown Forest Clare has found endless inspiration along with the rolling South Downs, and the ever-changing sea. To realise her creative ambitions Clare has shown tremendous resolve. Her prints speak of landscapes, memories, and the beauty that surrounds us. As she continues to create, we eagerly await the next chapter in her remarkable story

UNO24 THREE: Summer Light, Winter Shade
Friday 1 – Wednesday 27 March
OPEN DAILY: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm,
Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Sundays CLOSED

March, the month of transition, where the winter chill slowly gives way to the warmth of spring. It is a time of renewal, growth, and hope. The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining brighter, bringing with it the promise of summer. This perfectly captures the essence of our next exhibitions at Gallery UNO “UNO24 THREE: Summer Light, Winter Shade”. This month’s exhibitors will be reflecting the sun’s rays warmth and light, yet will be capturing the shadows of the cool and dark. Our artists and makers will embrace change, let go of the past, and to look forward to the future. It is a time to celebrate life, love, and all the beauty that surrounds us.


Our exhibitor of the month, Fi Christian, truly encapsulates this spirit in her glasswork and over the years she has not shied away from change and renewal in her creative endeavours. 

*PLEASE NOTE - Our first UNO SOLO exhibition has been cancelled, so, instead the gallery will be closed from 29 March until 9 April for redecoration.*

Fiona Christian – Glass and iPhotographer
Fiona Christian has had a long and varied career as an artist/designer. The youngest of four children she grew up influenced by her creative and artistic family. Her father was a carpenter working as a coach builder for British Rail; her sister, a painter and two uncles also working in the arts.  Not surprisingly she developed a love for art and particularly photography. Disaffected by school she left at sixteen to join a commercial design studio where she learned her skills and began to pursue a career in photography and graphic design.


Four years later she found herself working as an exhibition florist travelling the length and breadth of the country installing floral displays at exhibition venues which she found challenging but highly varied work and immensely rewarding.


On moving to Sussex in the early 80s she started taking photographs again and became involved in the Wildlife Art Society eventually becoming theirNational Exhibition Organiser. A chance encounter in a West Sussex gallery led her to work for a framer leading her to master the art of gilding and hand painting picture frames for an art gallery for a number years. 


On buying first Apple iPhone in 2010 she discovered iPhoneography and was amazed by the possibilities of creating art with her phone. Through experimentation she created stunning images entering them in various competitions winning several international awards and became part of a global community of iPhoneographers.


Her restless adventurous spirit and curiosity led her to experiment with stained glass after attending a short course. But, it wasn’t until she bought the entire contents of a glassmaker’s workshop in 2019 that she really got the opportunity to express herself in glass and hasn’t looked back since. She has always been influenced by nature and the sea but keen to experiment she allows the powders and frits added to the glass to dictate the outcome. Certain pieces may remind her of a wave or a landscape and she’ll take it from there. 


Fiona is a remarkable and versatile artist, who has explored many different media and styles. She is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to express herself creatively.

UNO24 TWO: Lovers & Leap Years
Friday 2 – Wednesday 28 February
OPEN DAILY: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm,
Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Sundays CLOSED

February, the month in which everyone will be looking for a fresh start and possibly that meaningful and unique gift for Valentine’s Day as we celebrate the 2024 leap year. Then don't miss Gallery UNO’s latest exhibition “UNO24 TWO Lovers & Leap Years” featuring the art, craft and design by our wonderful local artists. 

On visiting us we hope you will leave inspired; with what you were looking for and with a sense of renewal and love in your heart.

Our latest featured artist is textile artist extraordinaire Liz O’Halloran. Her beautifully crafted bags make excellent gifts and whose fervor for her craft is unrivalled and truly inspirational.

Liz o’Halloran – Textiles

Liz O’halloran’s unique and colourful bags, pictures and cards from re-purposed fabrics reflect her passion for fabric and recycling, as well as her sense of humour and fun. They are quirky and original, and each one has its own personality and story. Since joining the Sussex Arts Collective she has become a mainstay of the group.

Liz was born in Summertown, Oxford, youngest of four children. Her father was a Free Church minister and her mother was a psychiatric social worker. Her education was disrupted by frequent moves due to her father’s job. Leaving school at 16 she started work only completing her A levels in English and Psychology and an HNC in Public Administration later in life; a path far removed form art. Her intension was to become a therapist studying on two counselling courses. Time and money found her going in other directions finding herself working in many roles: shop work; as a clerical officer at Brighton Technical College; special educational needs caseworker; assistant to Teaching Support Services Manager and finally working for the Netherfield Centre for Sustainable Food and Farming. 

Her long held interest in creative and performing arts led her perform in bands from her early teens, eventually playing in a jazz-rock-blues band, where she met her husband Ian. They moved to a rural setting in East Sussex, where they created five acres of gardens for self-sufficiency, wildlife and aesthetic design. They have two grown-up children, five chickens and three cats.

Liz’s love affair with fabric began when she was a child, when she would make clothes and curtains from bright and quirky fabrics (but ironically hated needlework at school). Three and a half years ago, she obtained a set of William Morris curtains from a local pub which she made into her first bags and discovered that her friends were keen to buy them. She sold at craft fairs and opened an online shop before joining the Sussex Arts Collective.

Liz’s bag designs are inspired by the fabrics she uses, which are often recycled or re-purposed from curtains, upholstery, clothing or vintage materials. She enjoys the challenge of problem solving and refining her sewing skills to achieve what she imagines. She also likes to incorporate some of the oddments she has collected over the years, such as buttons, beads, ribbons or lace. She has several ideas for future projects, and is currently exploring the possibility of a collaborative project with Ian, who is a printmaker.

UNO24 ONE: Wolf & Wassail
Friday 5 – Wednesday 31 January 
OPEN DAILY: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm,
Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Sundays CLOSED

Hoping you all have had a peaceful Christmas and wishing you all the very best in the New Year form all at Gallery UNO.
We reopened the gallery after our holiday break on Friday 5 January with our new round of multi media and solo exhibitions. UNO24 ONE “Wolf & Wassail” will kick off another rip roaring year at our High Street venue featuring this month local painter Richard Potter.
As you would expect UNO will be presenting a varied and exciting programme featuring as many differing styles and techniques approaches. During the current exhibition you will see examples of fine art printmaking, fine art painting, photography, functional and decorative textiles, glass, ceramics and silver jewellery. Many of the exhibitors will be selling some work at a discount price as they try clear their workshops and studios ready for the new season of exhibitions. 
So if you have any unspent Christmas money or looking for a bargain and want to buy something wholly unique and of quality look no further as our local artists and craftspeople lay out their wares for you to view.

FEATURED EXHIBITOR Richard Potter - Painter
Richard is a Seaford-based painter who has been creating art for over two decades. He was born in Belgium and later moved to Spain before coming to the UK. Following an outstanding educational path in Art and Design, Richard completed a BA Hons. in Media and Design specialising in History & Theory from the University of Portsmouth in 1995; followed by a PGCE in Art and Design from Bath Spa University College and finally completing his MA in Cultural and Critical Theory from the University of Brighton in 1999.

Following seven years as a teacher of Art & Design he spent the great deal of his early working life in advertising, progressing to producing graphics and illustration for a number of agencies and companies in London and the South East. His interest in graphic design and typography has only increased since encountering sacred geometry, the golden ratio (Fibonacci’s sequence) and cymatics, which seem to validate the former. Cymatics comes from the Greek word kyma, which means wave. Cymatics shows how sound can affect matter and create beautiful and complex forms.

Potter’s recent work is inspired by the south coast, where he lives, and he likes to roam with his camera, gathering images for his landscape painting. He is particularly interested in trees and including them in his work. He believes that trees are more significant than we realize on an environmental and spiritual level. His paintings feature landscapes, portraits, animals, and modern works that reflect the natural environment and our primordial place within it.

Richard has exhibited extensively across the south east including London, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, as well as Seaford. Notable solo exhibitions are ‘Rock and Ore,’ which was held at the Coach House Gallery in Alfriston in 2016 and several at the Crypt Gallery in Seaford entitled ‘Birds of Britain, Landmark’ and ‘Landmark II’.

Potter’s community work includes creating and facilitating art and creative writing courses in the community and lecturing in ‘Arts in Health’ at the University of Brighton. He is also the creator of ‘,’ a free art resource site designed to encourage creativity in the community, co-production, and purposeful activity for health and wellbeing and to create a sense of belonging.

His artwork was featured in Sussex Life magazine in 2017. In 2019, he was selected to go on Sky’s ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ competition. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton for ‘Arts in Health’ and facilitates art in the community alongside his own practice.

Richard has made an impressive contribution with his educational background and passion for nature. His exhibitions have been well-received, and his community work has made a positive impact on the lives of many people. He is an inspiration to aspiring artists and a valuable asset to the art community.

UNO23 ELEVEN: Twelve Days of Christmas
Saturday 2 December - Saturday 23 December
Mon – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a visit to Gallery Uno’s 3rd Christmas art and craft exhibition? The exhibition, titled “UNO ELEVEN: The Twelve Days of Christmas”, features 28 artists and makers who have created unique and original pieces especially for the festive season. From partridges and pear trees to drummers drumming, you will find a variety of artworks that capture the spirit and joy of Christmas. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover some of the best local talent and find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Amongst them will be our exhibitor of the month, Nicola Bolton.

Nicola Bolton – Photographer

Nicola is a photographer, visual artist, and writer based in East Sussex, splitting her time between the countryside and the coast. Both places offer her peace and tranquillity, as well as inspiration for her creative work.

Nicola was born abroad and lived in different countries as a child. Sadly, losing her father at an early age, her life dramatically changed and found solace in a love for travel and languages and a curiosity for other cultures and perspectives. She still travels regularly to the four corners of the globe, capturing the beauty and diversity of the world with her camera and pen.

She grew up in a household of books and languages writing poems and stories at a young age, inspired by pictures on her bedroom wall and developed a deep passion for the arts. Her first Kodak camera as a child she used to document her family trips and life at home later upgrading to a film SLR camera. One of her most memorable experiences was changing films on the back of an elephant in the Indian jungle.

Nicola has a diverse background and education. She has a degree in computer science, and worked at IBM and the Department for International Trade as a senior civil servant. She also studied modern languages teaching English as a foreign language finding it to be the most fulfilling times in her life, helping people improve their lives through language.

A hybrid artist she combines classic photography with digital art working intuitively and quickly, producing everything “in the moment”. Her photography ranges from fine art to photojournalism, from portraiture to travel using black and white to create impactful images, and colour to create striking memories of moments in time. Her visual art is experimental and surprising blending colours and structure to create energetic abstract and unique representations of time and place, real and imagined.

Despite facing life threatening illness she remains optimistic and light-hearted reflected in her dramatic yet playful work. She has won 55 international awards for her work, which has been exhibited in 38 countries on six continents. She also holds the Excellence award from the International Federation of Photographic Art, and an Associateship from The Royal Photographic Society.

Nicola Bolton is a free spirit with a passion for art and travel. She invites us to see the world through her eyes, and to share her emotions through her words. She is an artist who celebrates life in all its forms.
Nicola Bolton Artist Photographer Writer ( 

Celebrating our Second Birthday at Gallery UNO

Wednesday 8 November - Thursday 30 November
Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm  CLOSED Sundays

As Gallery Uno celebrates its second birthday it also marks a landmark in the life of the Sussex Arts Collective group who begin their 20th anniversary year. 


Uno and the Collective look forward to another year, and are proud to continue providing cost-effective exhibition space for members of the Sussex Arts Collective. This allows them to rightfully profit from their labours and makes owning quality art and craftwork accessible to a wider audience.


This month’s featured exhibitor is one of the many superb new members to the Collective who’s exquisitely crafted and stylish jewellery has already enchanted many of our visitors.

Denise Bliss – Silversmith
Denise creates beautiful pieces of silver jewellery incorporating touches of colour with precious and semi-precious stones. Working from her garden studio, which she and her husband built themselves, she exhibits widely in galleries and craft shows around Sussex. Influenced by her parents’ talents Denise’s creative journey began in her childhood in Blackheath, London. Her creative mother would sew, knit, crochet, embroider and work in other crafts, having come from a culture (she was Egyptian) where it were expected of her. Her father was a draughtsman in the RAF who met her mother during the war, when he was posted to Cairo. He never had the opportunity or time to be creative, but he often desired to learn to paint. Both were always encouraging and supportive of Denise in her endeavours.

Having studied Botany at A level she initially started studying in the science department at Portsmouth College of Education but found it wasn’t to her liking; especially the locusts! Subsequently, Denise transferred to Craft and Design specialising in textiles, yarns, weaving and complementary materials. After successfully graduating, she began a highly fruitful teaching career at a large comprehensive school in East Grinstead becoming a trailblazer for women teaching Design Technology; she was the only woman in the department and one of very few women nationally teaching Resistant Materials. 

In subsequent years, while still working full time, she attained a demanding yet stimulating Masters Degree in Education at Chichester, completing it over three years. Her reward was becoming the Head of Faculty and playing a key role in the school achieving Specialist Status in Engineering. She was passionate about inspiring young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths and seeing her students’ creativity blossom.

But, after 25 years of teaching, 8 years as Head of Faculty, Denise retired and decided to pursue her own creative interests taking up silversmithing. She attended lessons with a brilliant local metal smith, Phil Mar of Heathfield, who became her inspiration and mentor for 8 years. With him she learnt skills and techniques, such as stone-setting, casting, forging and enamelling enabling her to develop her own unique style and achieve an Advanced Stone-setting certificate from the prestigious London Goldsmiths College. 

She now has the freedom to enjoy experimenting with form and design inspired by nature. She now has her own Hall Mark, validated by the London Assay Office, which guarantees the quality of her craft and underlines Denise’s talent and versatility as a silversmith; she doesn’t fail to impress. Silver Bliss Designs - Creators of Unique Items of Jewellery 


UNO SOLO FOUR: “Seeing the Unseen” – New explorations in abstract photography by Jan Beesley
Saturday 28 October – Sunday 5 November
Open Daily: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Gallery Uno, 14A High Street, Seaford BN25 1PG 

Our final UNO SOLO exhibition rounds of the month of October as we warmly welcome back Jan Beesley showing her spectacular and thought provoking images. Jan will set out to show how the familiar and ordinary can be made extraordinary through digital photography elevating the medium to equal that of any other fine art media. Back in March, Jan was our featured artist of the month and the full article will be available to read below and well worth a read before visiting her show.

Jan Beesley ARPS – Photographic Artist

Jan grew up in Essex. Having strong family ties with East Sussex, she settled in Sussex after graduating in Public Administration and Management at the University of Kent, Canterbury. 


After retraining, a career in computer programming ensued. At that time in the 1980’s she worked on huge mainframe computers in large corporative IT departments, amongst them Parker Pens in Newhaven. Later on in the 1990’s, with young children to care for, it became difficult for her to function in the corporate world. So, having taught herself in the emerging web technologies she established herself as a freelance website designer and so manage her time flexibly. Subsequently, she started to develop her visual language and build up graphic design skills as well as utilising her programming expertise. 


Jan has no formal art training. School left her lacking confidence in her own artistic abilities. Nevertheless, she maintained a passion for the arts and is an ardent visitor of exhibitions. It was through using lens based media that she was able to articulate her creativity, soon winning competitions eventually achieving an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society. Drawn particularly to abstract art, Jan began experimenting with different techniques such as Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure.


Now living in the heart of the county, with the Ashdown Forest, Downland and seascapes on her doorstep, Jan like so many, uses the wonders found in the local landscape as her starting point and seeks to capture something of its essence in her work. Jan believes that we experience the world as a series of fleeting impressions coloured by our own emotions and memories and this is what she aims to represent in her work.


She prints on a range of fine art papers and aluminium which add substance and texture to the images.  In recent years she has started hand finishing her prints with gold or silver leaf.  This adds another dimension to the final image and creates a truly stunning effect and a wholly unique piece of work.


Jan widely exhibits, recently showing at the Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable. “Abstract Rhythm and Blue Notes” which involved an international group of artists and was the culmination of a year long exploration into the intersection of photography and fine art under the tutelage of Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery, highly regarded photographic expressionists. A further exhibition called “Rhythm of the Unseen” took place in New York last May where Jan sold a number of pieces to private collectors. 


To our delight Jan is now coming to Gallery UNO during UNO SOLO FOUR later in October.

Jan Beesley 07984 627135 @jan.beesley

UNO23 NINE: An Autumnal Selection
Saturday 30 September – Wednesday 25 October
AUTUMN & WINTER OPENING TIMES:                                                      Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm  CLOSED Sundays

As we approach our second birthday at our High Street venue we start yet another busy month in what has been a busy year at Gallery UNO. Slipping from September to October we start with UNO23 NINE, our autumnal selection of diverse art, design and craft from members of the Sussex Arts Collective.

This month’s featured exhibitor of the month, Rachel Hoath, has been a stalwart of the Sussex Arts Collective in recent years frequently exhibiting her joyful pieces in glass. Read her full article in October's edition of Seaford Scene.

 UNO23 EIGHT: A Cornucopia! ARTWAVE 30th Anniversary Exhibition
Friday 1 September – Wednesday 27 September
Mon – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm
(Exception CLOSED Monday 25 September)

There is a feast of art, craft and design when you visit Gallery Uno where they are hosting UNO23 EIGHT “A Cornucopia!” as part of the annual Artwave festival this September. The gallery will showcasing works of art and craft by the Sussex Arts Collective and will strongly reflect their diverse and vibrant artistic vision, 
The Collective have been participating in the Lewes District Artwave art festival since 2004 winning the best venue prize twice. They are immensely proud to be taking part once again in this its 30th anniversary year and continuing its mission to promote to the public the creative talents of the region. 
This month’s featured exhibitor, Margaret McGregor Betts, is an artist who has had a long and highly successful career as a special needs teacher balanced with an undying zeal for music and art. 

UNO SOLO THREE: “Colour Wave” – New original work from Lynn Beck and Linda Wells
Saturday 19 Aug – Monday 28 Aug
Open Daily: 10.00am – 4.00pm (including Bank Holiday Monday)



A self-taught artist with a passion for colour, inspired by the local scenery  and well known landmarks. From her studio at home in Seaford, Lynn’s work is based on sketches and photographs taken reflecting dreams and memories from places she has visited, looking beyond the obvious to capture something unique with an ironic twist to encourage the viewer to look at their surroundings in a different way. Primarily working in acrylics,Lynn explores the art of abstract realism, establishing a link between the reality of nature and form and the imagined.


Linda’s love of colour and texture shows in her developed Wet Felting techniques, created ‘Like Painting’ but using various fibres and threads instead. ‘Fibre Art’ is now Linda’s terminology for her Hand Felted Landscapes and 3d Artworks. Living in Seaford, she takes inspiration from both Coast and Countryside. Creating a Colourful mix of Fibre Artworks and Mixed Media Landscapes which are now scattered across the globe!

UNO23 SEVEN: Seaside Summertime Special! A packed exhibition of art, craft and design for the summer season.
Saturday 15 July – Thursday 17 August
SUMMER OPENING TIMES: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm,
Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm
If it’s some seaside summertime conviviality you’re looking for, look no further than UNO23 SEVEN: a month-long exhibition of art, craft and design by the Sussex Arts Collective. Browse and buy a variety of work by local artists, ranging from paintings and prints to ceramics and jewellery. Whether you are a collector, a gift-seeker or just curious, you will find something to suit your taste and budget at this vibrant and diverse show.
Lynn BECK (painter)
Deryn BELL  (ceramic sculptures)
Margaret BETTS (collographs and paintings)
Denise BLISS (silver jewellery)
Nicola BOLTON (photography)
Fi CHRISTIAN (glass)
Valerie EVANS (felt maker)
Chris FORD (stoneware ceramics)
Chris HEAPE  (wheel thrown ceramics)
Dave GILLETT (wood turner)
Jeev GUNASEKERA (photography)
Sarah HARBONE (studio ceramics)
Julie KNIGHT (Stained glass)
Zeynep KOCAYUSUFPASSA (painter)
Gary (Gazman) LONG (painter)
Alejandro MARTINEZ (digital prints from original drawings)
Alison MCDONAGH (textiles)
Stefan MUCHA (abstract digital painter)
Ian O'HALLORAN (block printmaker)
Liz O'HALLORAN (designer bags)
Keith PETITT  (block printmaker)
Mark PRESTON (treescapes)
Claire ROBERTS (painter)
Chrissy SMITH (One of a Kind Bags)
David ST MUAR SHEIL (natural pigments painter)
Sarah VOSMER (hand-built ceramics) 
Rachel WARD SALE (hand bound notebooks)
Linda WELLS (textiles)
Anna WOZNY (driftwood sculptures)

UNO23 SOLO TWO: Mark Munroe-Preston – Treescapes
Saturday 10 June – Sunday 18 June
Followed by:
UNO23 SIX: Summer Solstice Selection!
Wednesday 21 June – Thursday 13 July 
Gallery Uno, 14A High Street, Seaford BN25 1PG
SUMMER OPENING TIMES: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm CLOSED Mondays

June and another busy month at Gallery Uno in which we present our second double header opening with UNO SOLO two featuring Mark Munroe Preston’s sensational “Treescape” digital images followed by a packed group exhibition UNO23 SIX taking us nicely passed Mid-summer.
Mark Munroe Preston is no stranger to the Sussex Arts Collective and Seaford first exhibiting his early treescape images back in 2018 at the Crypt Gallery and has been a regular and exceeding popular exhibitor with the group ever since. You can still read his article in the June 2020 edition of Seaford Scene online by visiting Seaford Scene’s Facebook page. 

UNO SOLO two: Mark Munroe Preston - Treescapes.
Saturday 10 June –  Sunday 18 June 
open daily: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, 
Sundays 10.00pm – 4.00pm

UNO23 FIVE: Festival Time! Celebrating in art, craft and design, all the fun of the fair.
Saturday 13 May – Thursday 8 June
SUMMER OPENING TIMES: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm,
Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm
CLOSED(except late May Bank Holiday Monday 12.00pm - 3.00pm)

  Palo ALMOND  (painter)

Lynn BECK (painter) 

Deryn BELL  (ceramic sculptures)

Jackie BENNETT (tapestry weaver) 

Margaret BETTS (collagraph prints)
Helen CARTER (miniature landscape painting)
 Sue CASEBOURNE (needle felt animals)
 Jeewaranga GUNASEKERA (travelogue photography)
 Chris HEAPE  (wheel thrown ceramics)
Sally Mae JOSEPH (hand-built ceramics)
Gary LONG (painter)
Polly MANDELL (printmaker)
Alejandro MARTINEZ (digital prints from original drawings)
Alison MCDONAGH (textiles)
Katrina MILLER (basketry) 
Stefan MUCHA (abstract digital painter)
Keith PETITT  (block printmaker)
Chrissy SMITH (one-off bags & quilts)
Sophia TEMMERMAN (painter)
Sarah VOSMER (hand-built ceramics)
Adele WALSHE  (leaded stained glass)
Rachel WARD SALE (hand bound notebooks)
Rowena WILLIAMS (wheel thrown ceramics)
Anna WOZNY (driftwood sculptures)

UNO23 FOUR: Springtide! Towards the halcyon days of summer.
Wednesday 12 April – Thursday 4 May 
Gallery Uno, 14A High Street, Seaford BN25 1PG
SUMMER OPENING TIMES: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Sundays 12.00pm – 3.00pm CLOSED Mondays

UNO SOLO ONE: Patrick Goff – Seaford Pier
Saturday 1 April – Bank Holiday Monday 10 April
open every day 10.00am  - 4.00pm

With a spring in our step, Gallery UNO marches on towards the halcyon days of summer with two exciting exhibitions during April. The month begins with our inaugural UNO SOLO exhibition featuring the unmistakable artwork of Seaford resident Patrick Goff.
Hot on his heels normal service will be resumed with our fourth group exhibition of the year during which twenty plus exhibitors will present their new works for 2023; it’ll be a striking show which I am sure you will be keen to see.
Naturally, as our solo artist, it is only right that our exhibitor in the spotlight this month is none other than Patrick himself.
Patrick Goff – Painter
Award winning art educationalist, interior designer, proprietor and designer of an online magazine, painter and photographer; Patrick has indeed had a full creative life.
Born 1947 in Aylesbury into a military family he found solace in books and art from the endless leaps and bounds from one RAF station to the next. In time what was a diversion soon became a passion and Patrick found himself studying at Art College, where with generous help from tutors he immersed himself in his studies: a pre-Diploma course at Stafford; followed by a first degree at Bath Academy, Corsham (thought by many to be the 'Cambridge of the Art world'); finally a post graduate course in Brighton.

Following spells as a studio assistant for one of his former tutors and as an exhibiting artist he embarked on a career in interior design specialising in hospitality initially alongside running a vocational art education school. During a recession hit hotel industry, Patrick turned to full-time education and was appointed as Director of Art at Morley College, Central London. Whilst there Patrick doubled the student intake, developed an adult Foundation course and won awards from the RSA. Thereafter he ran an online hotel design review magazine travelling extensively around the globe visiting resorts.

Settling in Seaford in later life he re-engaged himself in his true love for painting. Patrick’s UNO SOLO exhibition is a distillation of many years work he has done since and highlights Patrick’s endless fascination with the beauty found within decaying man-made structures. In particular, it focuses in on his studies of Splash Point, a crumbling rusting concrete sewer outfall which no-one seems to be responsible for that he names as “Seaford Pier”. Unnoticed by most, the Pier panels rust and produce columns of colour and contrast, changing and revealing in the mix of rust, concrete and weed a beauty of colour that can compete with that of Monet’s garden. He suggests that it stands as a symbol for our nation as a whole: “a beautiful country surviving industrial and urban exploitation yet remains so lovely; our coastline attracting tourists and settlers from around the globe and Seaford one of its gems”. Come and see if he does it justice.

Throughout his 10 day residency you will be able to view and buy Patrick’s new work and from his extensive portfolio including his self-published book of images relating to his large scale work as well discuss the work with the artist himself.

UNO23 TWO: A Selection of Art, Craft & Design for Romantics
Tuesday 31 January – Saturday 25 February
OPEN: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm CLOSED Sundays
February: The month derived from the Latin word februa (to cleanse) and the one in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day. At Gallery Uno our next exhibition will indeed be one for the romantics and those of you looking for a fresh start to the year. Two local painters, Penelope Oakley and Gary Long, are doing exactly that and hope as they join the gallery for the first time and hope that you will be moved and captivated by their work. 

This month’s featured exhibitor, David St. Maur Sheil, you can say is truly ‘local’. Not only living in Seaford but the very earth on which the town stands forms the basis for his extraordinary pieces of artwork. Read the full article in the Seaford Scene available at the gallery. 

This months exhibition will prove to be full of contrasts and variety.

UNO23 TWO Exhibitors 

Lynn BECK (painter)

Caroline DORLING (wood-tuner)

Janice FARRAR (glass jewellery and mirrors)

Chris FORD (potter)
Celia HUGHES (bespoke shopper bags and totes)
Sally Mae JOSEPH (potter)
Gary LONG (painter)
Alejandro MARTINEZ (digital prints from original drawings)
Alison MCDONAGH  (textiles)
Penelope OAKLEY  (painter)
Lucy PARKER (oil paint landscapes and figures)
David ST MAUR SHEIL (painter using natural pigments)
Sarah VOSMER (ceramics)
Linda WELLS  (fibre art)
Franziska WIESER (hand woven scarves)
WOZNY (driftwood sculptures)
Amanda ZOE (silver jeweller and clocks)

UNO23 THREE: Onwards and Upwards! Vernal Equinox Selection

Tuesday 28 February – Tuesday 28 March  

Gallery Uno, 14A High Street, Seaford BN25 1PG 

OPEN: Tues – Sat 10.00am – 4.00pm, Mondays 12.00pm – 3.00pm CLOSED Sundays


Spring is in the air, bringing with it the season’s optimism to Gallery Uno. We have been overwhelmed with the reception we have received since opening. We would like to thank both our old and new friends we have made for their continued support as we move enthusiastically onwards and upwards towards the Spring Vernal Equinox! 


If you haven’t been to the gallery yet this is good month to come in and find out all about us. UNO23 THREE is a pretty comprehensive selection of our member’s work displaying the breadth and range of our exhibitors. 


This month’s featured exhibitor, Jan Beesley, has made a circuitous journey before arriving where she is now. Her work exemplifies the changing nature of photography from simply recording to becoming an expressive art genre in its own right. You can read the full article about her in the March edition of Seaford Scene.

UNO23 THREE Exhibitors 

Lynn BECK (painter)

Jan BEESLEY (photography)
Jackie BENNETT (textiles)
Nicola BOLTON (photography)
Filipe BROWN (ceramic relief sculptures)
Susan BROWN (portraiture)
Tina & Clive BULLIVANT (pewter)
Fiona CHRISTIAN (glasswork)

Janice FARRAR (glass jewellery and mirrors)

Chris FORD (potter)
Rachel HOATH (glasswork)
Celia HUGHES (bespoke shopper bags and totes)
Sally Mae JOSEPH (potter)
Gary LONG (painter)
Alejandro MARTINEZ (digital prints from original drawings)
Alison MCDONAGH  (textiles)
Liza MORTON  (ceramics)
Ian O'HALLORAN (printmaker)
Liz O'HALLORAN (bespoke bags)
Janet ROLAND (printmaker)
Chrissy SMITH (one-of bags and shoppers)

Sarah VOSMER (ceramics)
Adele WALSHE (stained glass)
 Linda WELLS  (fibre art)
Franziska WIESER (hand woven scarves)
WOZNY (driftwood sculptures)
Amanda ZOE (silver jeweller and clocks)